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PF3 Northern Colorado

Regular Season 2016 PF3 Fall Season
2016 PF3 Fall Season x Regular Season

Competitive Level: A Competitive (A-Comp)

Style: Men's 8 vs 8 Eligible Flag Football

Equipment:  Triple Threat Flag Belts or the like are required.  Please contact the league to insure the belts you plan to purchase will qualify.  Hand warmers, towels, or any obstruction that may impede the ability to pull the flag belts will not be allowed. 

Uniforms:  Teams should have both a light and dark colored shirt/jersey.  Home team on the schedule will always wear the dark color shirt/jersey if there are two teams with the same color.  

Maximum Teams: 8

Game Times: 8:00am – 12:00am

Minutes Per Half: 24

Mercy Rule: No mercy rule due to this being a stat league

Regular Season:  7 games

Game Cancellations:  Lightning or severe weather conditions only!  We will play through rain or snow!  Captains will be notified of any cancellations either by phone or on the PF3 websites no later than 2 hours prior to any scheduled games.

Playoffs:  Top 4 teams advance to single elimination tournament.

Championship Awards:  1st place trophy, championship shirts, and championship game offensive and defensive MVP awards! 

Regular Season Awards:  Atlas, Primetime, and Iron Man awards based solely on statistical performance!

Player Eligibility (Regular Season):  In order for players to participate in the regular season they must be at least eighteen (18) years of age, and sign the league waiver prior to the first game they participate in.   Any team may protest a player in question prior to the start of any game. 

Player Eligibility (Playoffs):  In order for players to participate in the postseason they must play in at least one regular season game, and have signed the league waiver prior to the last game of the regular season.  Any team may protest a player in question prior to the start of any game. 

Statistics: Each team will be required to hand in a roster prior to the season.  This roster needs to include each player’s name and the number they will be wearing.  To insure the accuracy of the statistics we suggest a minimum of 8” numbers on both the front and back of your shirts/jerseys.  As mentioned above the Atlas, Primetime, and Iron Man player awards are solely based on regular season statistics so having an accurate roster with numbers is extremely important!  It is each team’s manager responsibility to insure the accuracy of their roster throughout the year.

Photography and Video:   The PF3 will provide photos and video throughout the year.   These photos and videos will be posted to the league YouTube and Facebook pages.  This service is an added bonus for the league but not guaranteed for every game.

Payment Deadlines:  Deadline for teams to pay full team fee or deposit is Wednesday, March 2nd at 8:00PM MDT. If paying a deposit only, Full balance must be made prior to first scheduled game or team may be subject to a forfeit.

Schedule Release:  Schedule will be posted no later than Wednesday, March 9th.